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Point de vue comparatif sur les politiques linguistiques au Canada

Un peu de pub pour un ouvrage auquel j’ai collaboré :
Language issues have been – and promise to continue to be – at the heart of national political life in Can­ada. The results of governmental language policy play a crucial role in determining the unity of the coun­try. However, despite its importance, language policy is often difficult to understand because it is part of a complicated political terrain where numerous policies intersect. Canadian Language Polices in Comparative Perspective presents a long-required assessment of the field and utilizes a widely recognized comparative method that makes this volume the most systematic study of language issues available.

Capturing the dynamism of Canadian language policies, the essays in this volume analyze and compare the effects, histories, and features of language policies as they have been enacted and implemented by Canadian provincial and federal governments. The contributors' comparisons reveal significant domestic and interna­tional implications for language policy. An important study of a social and political issue that has immediate lo­cal, national, and international consequences, Canadian Language Policies in Comparative Perspective assem­bles knowledgeable authorities on language policy to provide a comprehensive synthesis of its consequences.
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Table of Contents

Figures, Maps, and Tables vii

Preface xi
Michael A. Morris

Contributors xiii

Introduction: Comparing Perspectives on Canadian Language Policies 3
Michael A. Morris

Introduction to Part One 17
William F. Mackey and Michael A. Morris
1 History and Origins of Language Policies in Canada 18
William F. Mackey
2 Comparing Language Policies 67
William F. Mackey
3 Evaluating Language Policies 120
William F. Mackey

Introduction to Part Two 161
Michael A. Morris
4 The Language Issue in the United States, Canada, and Quebec: Some Comparative Aspects 166
Jacques Maurais
5 The Danger of Denial of Languages: An Eastern European-Canadian Comparison 179
Yaroslav Bilinsky
6 Canada’s Domestic French-Speaking Groups and the International
Francophonie Compared 206
Jürgen Erfurt

Introduction to Part Three 243
Michael A. Morris
7 Linguistic Issues and Immigration in Quebec: Relating the “Cultural Communities” to the “Quebec Nation” and the French Language 246
Louise Fontaine
8 Canadian Federal Policies on Bilingualism, Multiculturalism, and Immigrant Language Training: Comparisons and Interaction 267
Eve Haque
9 Canada’s Official Languages in the Provinces of Quebec and Ontario: A Demographic Comparison 297
Michel Paillé

Introduction to Part Four 329
Michael A. Morris
10 Language Policy in Ontario: From the Recognition of Linguistic Rights to the Free Market Policy 333
Normand Labrie
11 The End of the Language Crisis in Quebec: Comparative Implications 344
Pierre Anctil
Synthesis and Conclusion 369
Michael A. Morris

References 385
Index 421

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